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Shareware Registration

It's Shareware not Freeware
Registering Your Copy
Your Registration Information

It's Shareware not Freeware: The League Assistant program is shareware. It is not free. You are encouraged to evaluate it as long as you like to be sure that it meets your needs and those of your league. If you like it and choose to use it for your league, you are required to register your license for it. You should read and understand the license agreement before you register your license. You can obtain a temporary, free, full license registration for 14 days by contacting the author. You can see all the license registration details by selecting Registration from the Help menu and clicking on the Order Form button. You can also fill in and print the order form to mail in with your payment. If you would prefer to make your payment with your credit card visit the website. Please distribute this compressed file freely without any change in this Copyright notice. This program may not be sold by itself or packaged with another product without the expressed written consent of the author. If you have problems, suggestions for changes, or general comments please send them by mail or email. Top

Registering Your Copy: Please, please, please -- try the program before you buy and register it. This program is working well for many leagues around the world. It is very flexible with many options but there are still some leagues which have unique scoring or data requirements that this program will not meet. There are also some computer systems with specialized software installed that can interfere with the normal operation of the program. Most likely this program will work for you but since any payment you make is not refundable, you will want to try it before you buy it. The best way to try it is to complete the tutorials in this help file and then setup a test league with your data. There are many ways that you can get a copy of this program. You may have obtained it by downloading it from the website, or from a commercial on-line service such as America On-Line. You might get a copy from an internet website or a local bulletin board. You might simply get a copy from a friend. In any case, the distribution copy of the program contained in the distribution file will be unregistered. Some of the features such as printing to your printer are not enabled in the unregistered version. The About selection from the Help menu will tell you how to contact me. If you contact me, I can send you a temporary, free, full license registration that will allow you to evaluate the program as a fully registered version for 14 days. If you need more than 14 days, please let me know. If you decide to register the license for your copy, you will want to go to the registration section of the website. Almost everyone chooses to pay for their registration with PayPal. If you register on the website using PayPal, in most cases you will have your permanent registration information within 24 hours. If you do not want to use PayPal then you will need to complete an order form and mail it to me with your non-refundable payment. You bring up the order form by selecting Registration from the Help menu and clicking on the Order Form button or by clicking on the Order Form button on the title screen when the program loads. When I receive your order and non-refundable payment, I will send you a permanent registration for your version. If you don't have the order form for some reason, contact me and I will either send it to you or tell you how to register. The fee I am charging to register your program is nominal. The time and effort you save each week in record keeping for your league will more than pay for the registration. Top

Your Registration Information: When you register your copy temporarily or permanently, I will send you two pieces of information. These are your USER NAME and your REGISTRATION NUMBER. If the registration is temporary, the USER NAME will be "Temporary".You will register the license of your copy of the program by typing these into the dialog box which appears when you select Registration from the Help menu or by clicking on the Registration button that appears on the title screen when the program loads. The USER NAME must be typed in exactly to properly register your copy. Lower and upper case type and punctuation must be entered exactly. For example, if your user name is John Smith then it must be typed in as John Smith (upper and lower case) and not JOHN SMITH (all upper case). If your user name is TJ Carter then it must be typed in as TJ Carter (no periods after T and J) and not T.J. Carter (periods after T and J). The REGISTRATION NUMBER will always be a number and should be entered as specified. If your registration is temporary, your USER NAME will be "Temporary". This is entered without the quotes. The REGISTRATION NUMBER will only be good for 14 days and will work only with this USER NAME. You will be informed at the top of the main screen that this is a temporary registration and the number of days remaining for the registration. If you need more time additional temporary registrations can be obtained by contacting the author. The USER NAME and the license REGISTRATION NUMBER are stored in the LEAGASST.INI file. If this file is deleted or this information in the file is changed, your copy will no longer be registered. You can re-register your copy's license by selecting Registration from the Help menu and filling in the form with your registration information or by clicking on the Registration button that appears on the title screen when the program loads. If you permanently register your copy's license, your registration will only be good for the version you registered. It will not be good for future upgrades to the program. However you will be offered the opportunity to register an upgraded version of the program at a substantial discount. Top