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Ordering Information

Please, please, please -- try the program before you buy it. This program is working well for many leagues around the world. It is very flexible with many options but there are still some leagues which have unique scoring or data requirements that this program will not meet. There are also some computer systems with specialized software installed that can interfere with the normal operation of the program. Most likely this program will work for you but since any payment you make is not refundable, you will want to try it before you buy it. The best way to try it is to complete the tutorials in this help file and then setup a test league with your data.

If you know this program will work for you, then registration of your license is done using your credit card on the website or by completing the order form and mailing it with your non-refundable payment to the author (checks, money order, and equivalents only). If you need to have a fully registered program now you can contact the author by Email or phone for a temporary registration license which will give you a fully registered version while your payment is in the mail to the author. Alternately you can register online using your credit card. See the following website for details

Click here to view and print an order form

The 16 and 32 bit versions were virtually identical until the end of 2001. Starting in 2002 only the 32 bit version is being updated. The 16 bit version is only for bowling leagues and may meet all the needs for your league but all improvements after 2001 will only be made to the 32 bit version. The 32 bit version is designed for Windows versions other than version 3.1. Windows version 3.1 requires the 16 bit version and it no longer available for download from the website. Contact the author if you need this older version. You may see some improvements in performance on your system with the 32 bit version. The 16 bit version comes on 1 diskette or CD; the 32 bit on CD only. If you need more information, please contact the author. If you need the program for sports other than bowling, you will need to use the 32 bit version. At this time the 32 bit version works well on 64 bit systems. A 64 bit version is expected to be available after 2009.

Registration of your license entitles you to receive a permanent registration number by Email which enables all program features. If you don't have Email or you want media with the software mailed to you with the latest version you need to pay an additional fee to cover materials, shipping and handling of the media. Along with the shipment of the media or in advance via Email you will receive a registration code that will register the version of the program you are using. The code you receive will work only with your name and the version of the program you register. As a registered owner you may be notified of future upgrades as they become available. Upgrade notices may be mailed periodically by Email or US Mail. You can always find the latest version from The League Assistant website or by contacting the author. You may upgrade at any time -- there is no penalty involved in skipping a few versions if it suits you to do so. To order an upgrade simply make your payment on the website or fill in the order form with your current version and registration numbers.

All checks must be in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks. If you are in another country, consider an international money order, traveler's check, or cash. Please contact the author directly for tech support.

Orders for upgrades or other products, as well as technical questions or comments, should be directed to the author.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery if you mail registrations directly to the author. If you download the program from the website and contact the author using Email, registration can be completed within a day. While the author tries to process registrations quickly some unavoidable delays are possible.

REGISTRATION PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE: You are encouraged to take as much time as you like to evaluate the program to make sure it meets your needs. A free temporary registration is available from the author.

PRICES MAY CHANGE. If your product is more than a year old, consider it dated. Write for current prices or check the website.

   $25 for a new registration.
   $15 for an upgrade

   $45 First Class Mail
   $55 Priority Mail (2 day delivery)
   $60 Express Mail (next day delivery)

   $35 First Class Mail
                                    $45 Priority Mail (2 day delivery)
                                    $50 Express Mail (next day delivery)

IMPORTANT: I must have your name and address to process your registration. Licenses and the above prices are for individuals only and not for groups or companies. If you would like to purchase a license for a group or company, please contact the author to discuss your requirements and pricing.

OUTSIDE UNITED STATES: First Class, Priority and Express Mail are for U.S. only. If you are in another country, Email registration using your credit card on the website is highly recommended. The installation diskette(s) or CD have exactly the same files that are downloaded from the website or the internet. If you really want the diskette(s), then you must recommend the best method for the author to ship them to you. Your cost will be $45 plus the extra cost needed to ship the media to you by the method you recommend.

You must fill in the version number being registered for Email registration. The version number is given on the program start up screen or by selecting "About" from the "Help" menu. If a CD or diskette (media) is being mailed to you, then you will always receive the latest version with registration information for it.