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Individual and Team Statistics Editor

Registered Version Only 

Not Recommended for Routine Record Keeping 

Use this Form to Edit Statistics for Individuals and Teams

You will not need to use this form for the normal operation of the program unless you are using it to enter mid-season statistics. Use this form to enter mid-season statistics or to examine the statistics that have been stored on disk after the weekly results have been entered and processed. You might want to do this if you think you have made an error in the data entry or you simply want to see the stats without running a specific report. Although you can edit the data with this form, it is not the recommended method to correct errors that you made in entering the weekly results. The recommended method for correcting errors is to restore a backup and enter the correct data into the restored backup. It is provided solely because some users have asked for it. Changing the information in this form does not cause any recalculation of statistics or standings to be done. It simply changes the information that is stored in the data files.
Form Organization and Usage

At the very top of the form is a set of radio buttons to indicate whether you want to see the stats for teams, regular players, or subs. 

Just to the right of the radio buttons are three drop down list boxes. Use these boxes to select the team,  individual, and session statistics to view and edit.

In the framed box below the list boxes are all the statistics. You are free to edit these statistics any way you like. This feature is mainly intended to support a user who is starting to use the program at mid-season and does not want to enter all the information from the start.

If you are starting to use this program at mid season then it is not necessary to enter all of the scores up to the current week of competition. You indicated the starting week number and the number of weeks to play when you opened files for a new league. If you are starting at mid-season you must use this stat editor to enter the current statistics for each team and each team member. Once this is done you're ready to enter weekly scores for the remainder of your season.  Reports run on weekly activity will start reporting only on data entered from the starting week.

Although you can use The League Assistant this way, the reports you run will be more complete and possibly more accurate if you enter all the data from the start of the season. Unless you have played much of the season, you will find that after you complete the setup it does not take all that much time to enter the scores for the weeks you have already played. It may actually take less time to enter these scores then to enter the current statistics. The program will work either way. It's your choice.