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Standing Sheet Bulletin

The standing sheet allows you to compose a bulletin to be printed on the standing sheet. The count of characters at the bottom of the form keeps you informed on how many characters you have used for your bulletin. Obviously the longer your bulletin is the more space it will take up when your standing sheet is printed. This feature can be used to communicate coming events or highlight a person's or team's performance or any other information. If you choose not to use this feature, simply erase the bulletin and it will not be printed. The easiest way to erase the form is to click on the ERASE command button on the form. If you want to enter a bulletin then proceed to type it in.  Enter the text the way you want it to appear on the standing sheet. Editing of the lines is fairly natural using the normal keyboard editing keys you should already be familiar with. Once you are satisfied with the text, click on OK to save it. You can restore the message to the way it was before you started editing by simply clicking on the CANCEL button or by pressing the Escape key.