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Raw Score Editor

Registered Version Only 

Not Recommended for Routine Record Keeping

You will not need to use this form for the normal operation of the program. 

Use this form to examine the weekly scoring data that has been stored on disk after the weekly results have been entered and processed. You might want to do this if you think you have made an error in the data entry. Although you can edit the data with this form, it is not the recommended method to correct errors that you made in entering the weekly results. The recommended method for correcting errors is to restore a backup and enter the correct data into the restored backup. It is provided solely because some users have asked for it. Changing the information in this form does not cause any recalculation of statistics or standings to be done. It simply changes the information that is stored in the data files.
Form Usage

Select the week number, team name and player number using the drop down list boxes at the top of the form. The data currently stored on disk for these selections will be displayed in the framed box. You are free to change any of the data in this box. Any changes made will be stored on the disk.

CAUTION: Editing of this data may invalidate reports printed on the league results for the season. You must assume the responsibility for any changes you make using this form.