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Scoring - Handicapping Tab

Select the radio button in this box that specifies the type of handicapping your league uses. If your league does not use handicapping then it is a scratch league. Depending on whether or not your league uses handicapping the text boxes on the lower half of the form for scratch score and handicap percentages will either be visible or not. If your team uses handicapping, it can either be individual handicapping (first recommended method) or team handicapping. Team handicapping can use the standard method (second recommended method) or the team difference method (not recommended but supported by the program if your league chooses to use it). If you use team difference handicapping you will want to read about how to use the "Opponent" button on the data entry form for weekly results so the handicaps will be computed correctly.

Scratch Score?
If the player's average is less than this score the handicap is computed using the formula:


If the player's average is equal to or greater than the scratch score, the handicap is zero. For scratch leagues enter 0 for individuals and teams. For handicap leagues enter the scratch score for your league. Pay attention to the default value in the text box.  This default for bowling assumes the league will use scratch scores of 180 for individuals and 180 times the number of players on a team for teams.