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Scoring - Options Tab

Credit Team with Unearned Scores (pins in bowling)?
Vacancy and absentee scores are awarded to the team for the purposes of determining wins and losses but these scores are not earned by a player competing in a game. Handicap scores are always awarded to the team. If you want to include unearned scores, i.e. vacancy and absentee scores, in the total scores for the team, put a check in this box.

Different Scoring for Men and Women?
Separate scoring by sex is possible for handicaps, absentee scores and vacancy scores. If you want separate scoring, put a check in this box. If you have changed the categories from Male and Female to Youth and Adult or something else then this option will enable different scoring for these categories.

Automatic Win if Opposing Team Forfeits?
The default for this is to be checked off. If this box is checked off and the opposing team forfeits, then the team will win all the games and the series but they will still have to play. If this box is not checked off then the team does not automatically win. To win they will have to exceed their average minus an offset for each player. The offset is specified on the Handicapping Tab. See Win Forfeit Score on that tab.

Use Percentage for Win Forfeit Score?
You can either use a fixed number of scores (pins in bowling) or a percentage of the average as an offset to determine if a Forfeit is won or loss. (See "Automatic Win.." above). If you want to use a percentage, put a check in this box.

Use Handicap for High Team Point?
Points for the high game in a series are normally awarded for the highest scratch game. If you want to award the points for the highest handicap game, put a check in this box.

Use Percentage for Absentee Score?
You can either use a fixed number of scores (pins in bowling) or a percentage of the average to subtract from the player's average if the player is absent (See Absentee Score below). If you want to use a percentage, put a check in this box.

Award Peterson Bonus Points?
This is not a standard bonus system. Be sure to check with your league officers before turning this on. Most leagues do not award these bonus points. Match point leagues are the leagues that are most likely to use these bonus points. There is no universally accepted definition of Peterson Bonus Points. However, one definition does seem to be used most often. That is where a player or team receives one point for every xx scores (pins in bowling). Usually, it's for every 25, 50 or 100 scores of total scratch or handicap scores. The bonus is then calculated by taking the player's or team's total scores (scratch or handicap) for the season and dividing it by a value such as 25, 50 or 100. The selection boxes for "Bonus Calculated Using" and "Bonus Awarded To" are only visible if there is a check mark before "Award Peterson Bonus Points". The values used in the calculation are specified on the Points tab. The calculated bonus points are awarded to the player or team in addition to the match points won. 

A bowling example of the bonus calculation would with one bonus point to be earned by an individual for every 50 scratch pins bowled. If a person has bowled 5200 pins for the season to date, they would earn a bonus of 104 points.

  5200 pins / (50 pins per point) = 104 points

Several of the available reports allow you to adjust the number of decimal digits used to report these points. Zero to three decimal digits are allowed, for example, 104 or 104.0 or 104.00 or 104.000 can be displayed on these reports. You will specify the decimal digits when you create the report. The default is to display only one decimal digit.