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Scoring - Options Tab 

Sort Stats and Awards with Handicap?
Whenever statistics are sorted they are first sorted by the statistic and then by the total scores (pins in bowling). For example a sort of the current averages will produce a list of averages from high to low. In the event of a tie, the total scores with or without handicap is used to order the ties. A bowling example would be if two players both had a current average of 150 but one player had 1500 total pins and the other player had 1475 total pins, the name of the player with 1500 pins would be on the list ahead of the other player. Normally this second sort will use total scratch pins. If you put a check in this box, the second sort will use total handicap scores.

Match Point League? & Competition Match Points Awarded to Team?
If team and individual standings are to be determined by awarding individual match points as well as points for team scores then put a check in this box.  If you're not sure whether to check off this box then you probably should leave it unchecked, but you should verify this with the other league officers. If match points are used, the number of points awarded to a team each week will be the sum of the individual points and the team points. You need to carefully read your rule book and check with your league officers on how match points are awarded. You will have to adjust the lineup of players as you enter scores each week to make sure that each player is in the correct position on the lineup. For bowling this program is written in accordance with the following two USBC (former ABC and WIBC) rules (100K):
  • No change may be made in the order of players in the lineup during a series. A substitute must take the replaced bowler 's position in the lineup.
  • If each team has the same number of absentees and/or vacancies, the players present must be placed in opposition to each other for individual matches and the winning team credited with the points for the absentees/vacancies.

    This means that any points won by an absentee or a vacancy for a game or a series will be awarded to the team winning that game or series. Absentees win no points for themselves. Vacancies can win points for themselves. Normally any match points won by individual players are awarded to the players and to their teams. If your team does not want to award the individual player match points to the team then remove the check mark from the option for "Player Match Points Awarded to Team".