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Extra Statistics and Fees

Use this form to set up extra statistics that you would like to track such as  bowling strikes and spares or the weekly fees paid by players.

Your league may want to track individual and team statistics such as strikes, spares, splits, fouls, etc., for bowling. The statistics  you track are completely up to you. You will use this form to define up to ten different statistics. If you don't want to track any of these statistics then you will not use this form. Tracking these statistics will require some additional work on your part. You will probably have to collect the scoring sheets or printouts of the scoring sheets from the competition site. You will then have to enter the results for each statistic into the spreadsheet each week. However if you define the stats and enter them weekly the program will track them for you and include them in the reports and graphs. Each statistic must be a number between 0 and 63.

NOTE TO LEAGUE TREASURERS: You can also define one of the extra statistic to be FEES. You can then enter for each player whether they paid for 0, 1, 2, etc., weeks each time data is entered. On this form you will be able to specify the dollar amount of the weekly payment. The treasurer will then be able to print reports on the fees collected.

Form Organization: The form is loaded by selecting Extra Statistics from the Setup menu. At the bottom of the form are the OK and Cancel buttons. Between these buttons the number of extra statistics that you have defined is indicated. Above this in the middle of the form are three buttons; Add, Modify and Delete. Above this is a drop down combination box for a five character abbreviation for the extra statistic. To the right of this drop down box is a description of the extra statistic. When you are finished adding, modifying or deleting extra statistics, click on the OK button to save the new definitions. If you want to exit the form without making any changes, click on the Cancel button.

IMPORTANT: You should not delete extra statistics after you have started entering weekly results. If you do, then the extra statistics you entered may not match the descriptions for them.

Click on the buttons in the image below to learn more about them.