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Setup Menu - Customized Individual Awards

If you would like to customize special game or series awards for your league, then  you will have to first check the box for this option on the general award setup form. This will activate this menu option on the Setup menu. You will then be able to enter up to 20 special awards. Awards can be customized for scratch games and series. The award is defined with a maximum average and a range of scores (pins in bowling). If a player has an average equal to or less than the specified maximum and has a target (pin in bowling) count for the game or series in the specified range, the award is achieved. 

Examples of a special awards for bowling are:

Special Scratch Game Award
Maximum Average: 170  Minimum pins: 235  Maximum pins: 249

Special Scratch Series Award
Maximum Average: 300  Minimum pins: 700  Maximum pins: 900 (3 game series)

A player would earn both these awards with an average less than or equal to 170, a three game series over 700, and a single game with a score between 235 and 249. You can see how these awards are setup on the following picture.