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Split Season Options

Use this form to setup season splits for your league.

A split in the season is like a restart of the league during the season. Usually when a split occurs a position week is played before the start of the next session. This form will be easiest to use if you have entered and adjusted the schedule for your league first. When a new session starts, the stats from the prior session can be carried over to the next session or it can be a completely fresh start (see below). Your league may want to set up special monthly awards and so you want to track the stats for each month separately. You may want to carry the stats over from month to month but you may also want to reset the stats after playing a position week. You can specify all these details on this form. The program allows up to 12 season splits to be established. The stats for each session are maintained separately. If there are no splits then the program only maintains the current statistics. 

Click on the image below for more information on this form.