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The Bowling & League Assistant

Version History

for PC Compatible Computers

Version History for 5.3X-6.0X
Versions prior to 5.60 were Freeware.
Versions 5.60 and greater are Shareware.
Versions 6.00 and above are for Windows.
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  • Testing completed and version established on 9/23/93
  • Compiled with PowerBasic 3.0A. Uploaded to Compuserve, America On-line, and Eagles Nest.

  • Changed floppy testing to explicitly check for drive A or B instead of checking for not drive C. 9/30/93
  • Compiled with PowerBasic 3.0A. Uploaded to Compuserve only.

  • Found an error when a player was replaced with a Sub, the Sub was replacing the team instead of the player. 10/12/93
  • Compiled with PowerBasic 3.0C. Uploaded to Compuserve, America On line and Eagles Nest.

  • Fixed a problem in the a routine where a not equal <> sign was used instead of =. The name of any person entered was not found. Same uploads as in 5.32. Compiled with Power Basic 3.0C.

  • Fixed a problem with indexing of scores found in a routine where the index exceeded the dimension of the array. Error only occurred when someone had a 4 game series. Was also a problem in that the variable to indicate a score over 256 was not set properly if the first game was over 256.

  • Add warning if score spread > 256. If this happens, scores are not stored properly on disk. If warning is issued, scores less than 45 are set to 45.
  • Special awards - Alert when they occur, store in special file on disk, and print report if requested.
  • 75 & 100 scratch scores (pins in bowling) over average
  • 125 scratch scores (pins in bowling) over series average
  • Triple score (3 scratch games the same) 3 game series only
  • 275-297, 298, 299 and 300 scratch scores
  • 500-599, 600-699, 700 &  800 scratch series (3 games)
  • 333-399, 400-466, 467 &  533 scratch series (2 games)
  • 667-799, 800-932, 933 & 1067 scratch series (4 games)

  • Problem reported by user with printing of standing sheet.
  • Investigation found that the width of the points won and lost fields on reports exceeded the expected 4 characters. The width was increased to 6 characters for version 5.24 and this version on 11/11/93. The subroutine was also changed so that the number will print even if the width ever exceeds 6 characters. This might cause some registration problems on the printouts if the width exceeds 6 characters, but at least there will be no lost data.
  • Corrected problem with printing of standing sheet. When officer is not on the league, the alley info was not printing and a CR was not being issued.

  • Corrected problem with searching for player name when number of teams was reduced by dropping a team. Upper limit for search was not set correctly.

  • Added more extensive on line help. Help loaded from file LEAGASST.HLP. Variable added as index into help file.
  • LEAGASST.HLP file replaces documentation file that was previously provided with program.

  • Corrected problem where scores were set back to zero when a new player was added to a team in mid-season. 
  • Only scores from the week the change was made are set to zero.

  • Eliminate references to handicaps in reports for a scratch league.
  • Also eliminate setup questions on handicaps for scratch league.
  • Correct problem with changes in phone number not being entered.

  • Corrected problem with computing of team handicaps when scores were input. Problem developed when 5.42 changes were implemented.

  • This version had a problem with computing of stats if there were unbowled frames (9-15-94)

  • This version added a number of upgrades and enhancements.(9/94)
  • Let user select the left margin for reports.
  • Allow program to open files from main menu.
  • Create more flexible data and program directory settings.
  • Allow exchange of players between teams.
  • Improved "TO DATE" reports
  • Trap function keys directly
  • Display flashing info on screen about file and setup
  • Add "ABOUT" selection to main menu

  • 10/16/94 Modify routine to change schedule. It did not work if number of weeks to play was not changed.
  • Allow drives A to Z to be used for program and data files.

  • This version will issue as Shareware instead of Freeware.
  • Add roving subs
  • Add PIF and ICON files for Windows.
  • Improvements made in selection of default responses.
  • Add demo files and tutorial.
  • Updated help file.
  • Provide text version of help file for those who want printed docs.
  • Add prefix to prompt for number to indicate acceptable range.
  • Allow more flexibility in changing split season before the split.

  • 3/4/95 Fixed problem with To Date Report for players. Report was scanning score file for all members when it should have been scanning only for number of players on team. Worked for leagues with members=players but not for intramural.
  • Also had problem with listing stats at end. Changed variable player to a Bowler and this worked.

  • 3/5/95 Change MatchName routine to ask user whether the name match found is the match the user wanted.

  • 4/95 Added customized special awards. The user can specify custom special awards for scratch games or series. The awards are specified for a game or series in a certain range when a player has a minimum average.

  • 9/95 Eliminated handicap award listing on standing sheet for males and females when team handicap is used.
  • Added a page break before listing custom awards on screen report of league setup.

  • 2/96 Beta test version for Windows.

  • 3/96 Beta test version for Windows. 
  • Adding graphing, enhanced windows, enhanced menus, added color, added maximum handicap, corrected some small logical errors. 
  • Corrected integer math error where index into score file is calculated - if league is large enough the result needs double or single variable size.
  • Added check for loading of data files for DOS version.
  • Change schedule report to add lane numbers as column headers. 
  • Fixed problem with award listing on standing sheet.
  • Allow keypad for entering weekly scores and schedule.

  • 4/96 Release version 6 to public

  • 6/96 Correct problem with dimensioning of one variable.
  • Fix problem with roving sub selection when entering scores.

  • 8/96 Correct problem with using check box for forfeit when entering weekly results.
  • Also made some minor improvements to reports when a week is forfeited.

  • 8/96 Correct problem that occurred when printing files to disk.
  • A conflict with file number assignments was fixed.

  • 8/96 Correct problem with editing of team statistics.
  • Max values were set for players and not teams.

  • 9/96 Correct problem with entering of data on subs.
  • Problem detected when roster report was run with more than one sub.

  • 9/96 Fixed problem where under certain conditions vacancy scores were not credited to a team when the team was supposed to be credited with unearned scores (pins in bowling). Was not a problem for teams that did not use this option or did not experience the conditions needed to create the problem.

  • 9/96 Fixed problem where absentee scores were not made equal if there was same scoring for each sex (index was set at 3 instead of 4).
  • Fixed problem with adding and dropping of teams where combo boxes were not refreshed and new schedule was not defined properly.
  • Added timer to main form to interrupt program so print manager will work properly in the background.

  • 0/96 Fixed problem with statistics editor that did not allow floating point for wins and losses.

  • 1/97 Upgrade to version 6. The changes in this upgrade are:
  • 1 - Tool tips
  • 2 - Add spin boxes for numbers
  • 3 - Add button to registration box for upgrade info
  • 4 - Add button to registration box for order form
  • 5 - Keyboard accelerators added to each form
  • 6 - Added control box to main form
  • 7 - Added registration info on main and shareware forms
  • 8 - Schedule form face lift with easier to see data entry
  • 9 - Weekly scores data-entry form face lift with improved visibility and movement around spreadsheet.
  • 10 - Easy abort from report or graphs with Escape key
  • 11 - Easy movement to next report or graph by pressing Enter, tab, space bar, or Page Down
  • 12 - Both scratch and handicap scores (pins in bowling) to spreadsheet on main form
  • 13 - Improved standing sheet report
  • 14 - Both scratch and handicap scores (pins in bowling) on statistical summary
  • 15 - Include name of opposing team on weekly and season summary reports for teams
  • 16 - Eliminate empty report pages on screen reports
  • 17 - Added date and time to main screen
  • 18 - Enhancements made to all reports
  • 19 - Enhancements made to graphs
  • 1 - Increased to maximum of 12 splits in season
  • 2 - Registered users can print blank forms for weekly scores
  • 3 - 500/600 series can be customized by user
  • 4 - Variable freeze for starting averages
  • 5 - Raw Data export function for registered users
  • 6 - Option that team must score over average-offset for each player to win a forfeit
  • 7 - Add button to schedule form to load reference schedule.
  • 8 - Checkbox in Weekly form for any incomplete frames for team. This simplifies data entry.
  • 9 - Added button in Weekly form for jump to scores of opposing team.
  • 10 - Added option to have entering averages for new players automatically calculated after first week.
  • 11 - Team difference handicapping introduced.

  • 2/97 Corrected bug with printing to file.

  • 9/97 Corrected problem with current week not being set back to zero when copying data to a new league.

  • 10/97 Eliminated references to Compuserve.
  • Let user decide at splits whether to reset stats for teams, players or both.

  • 10/97 Greatly improved backup and restore functions. Added support for 16 bit WinZip, PKZip, and LZH compression if WinZip or PKZip not available.

  • 1/98 Added categories and routine to back calculate scratch awards after minimum number of games played.

  • 1/98 Added classifications (brackets), extra statistics and support for five pin leagues. Reports enhanced.

  • 8/98 Corrected problem with option buttons on split season form
  • Added option for using either scratch or handicap for high team point
  • Changed to use of Info-Zip's ZIP and UNZIP for backups
  • Enhanced the registration program

  • 8/98 32 bit version of 98.81

  • 8/98 Added final average export function to the file menu

  • 8/98 Modified export to separate players, players & subs, and teams

  • 9/98 Fixed problem with match point scoring with absentees & vacancies
  • Fixed problem with statistic & score editor loading if no extra stats

  • 9/98 Added option for fixed scores (pins in bowling) or % of average for absentee score

  • 10/98 Made Officer Titles a variable
  • Access registration from shareware screen
  • Default name on registration form is "Temporary"
  • Add backup after team setup and entering weekly scores
  • Fix default no. teams on new league setup form
  • Add a progress indicator for new league setup
  • Add a progress indicator for processing scores
  • Fixed problem with % of average for absentee score

  • 10/98 32 bit version of 98.A1

  • 11/98 Fixed problem with opposing team name with score exports
  • Fixed problem with extra page breaks when printing to file

  • 11/98 32 bit version of 98.B1

  • 1/99 Fixed problem with indexing of statistics file

  • 1/99 32 bit version of 99.01

  • 1/99 Fixed some potential overflow problems: team difference handicap for 1st week with all scores of 0, and reading of scores from corrupt file
  • Made sure Extra Statistics are zero if not used
  • Allowed series of 1 game (previously minimum was 2 games)

  • 1/99 32 bit version of 99.03

  • 1/99 Improved font size control for reports
  • Improved printout of lanes in report options for lanes>99
  • Improved printout of schedules to allow for lanes>99
  • Improved behavior of schedule data entry screen (TBD & POS)
  • Added option to allow user to eliminate printer margins

  • 1/99 32 bit version of 99.05

  • 1/99 Fixed problem with lower case "Z" on backup file extension
  • Fixed problem with error message about restore problem not displaying
  • Fixed problem that occurred when buttons clicked on start up screen
  • Change to restored files if different file set selected
  • Added info about weekly dues/fees to help file

  • 1/99 32 bit version of 99.07

  • 1/99 Fix problem that occurred with data storage of unearned scores (pins in bowling) and absentee percent options with certain combinations of data

  • 1/99 32 bit version of 99.09

  • 1/99 99.10 with fix to help search function

  • 2/99 Modified program so 32 bit version will run on NT system
  • This program is identical to 99.09

  • 2/99 32 bit version of 99.21

  • 4/99 Some reports crashed when printer margins were used. Added function to adjust line length more robustly
  • Adjust timing of registration check at startup

  • 4/99 32 bit version of 99.41

  • 8/99 Added a second, condensed standing sheet with more info
  • Added message if INI file not found
  • Eliminated "Your Code" for 32 bit version

  • 8/99 32 bit version of 99.81

  • 8/99 Fixed problems that occurred with screen printing of reports if screen resolution greater that 640 x 480
  • Improved the ability to create data entry forms to be used at the competition site.

  • 8/99 32 bit version of 99.83

  • 9/99 Fixed problem with help search (Shift F1) with 32 bit version.
  • Added signature line to printed data entry sheets
  • Added league name, date and week number to data entry sheets
  • Added place to record wins and signature line to data entry sheets
  • Now prints data entry sheets for team and opponent on one page if they fit
  • Fixed problem with error occurring if problem with INI file or no data files
  • Changed system date on main screen to 4 digit year

  • 9/99 32 bit version of 99.91

  • 1/00 Fix problem with long file names for backup that are not recognized by ZIP32 or UNZIP32
  • Add Vice President
  • Add message informing user about missing data after data entry.
  • Make sure quotation marks are not used when names are entered.
  • Fix problem with resetting of stats at split for subs

  • 1/00 32 bit version of 00.01

  • 1/00 Fix problem related to mid-season starts.

  • 1/00 32 bit version of 00.03

  • 4/00 Fix problem with load odd team into combo for data entry
  • Fix data entry grid problem that sometimes occurred on some systems

  • 4/00 32 bit version of 00.41

  • 9/00 Set variables so handicaps always zero for scratch leagues
  • Establish weekly award for most scores (pins in bowling) over average (no award for tie)
  • Compute and display overall league average on screen & reports
  • Log awards such as 200 games, 500 series to file
  • Fix calculation after 1st week for absentees, vacancies, etc.
  • Fix help file searching for 32 bit version
  • Allow both individual and team points for high game in series
  • Option to toggle award Pop ups during processing of scores
  • Fix problem with team diff handicap calculation when handicap=100%
  • Allow selection of week and player for special award report
  • Make sure 8 character file name selected for 16 bit version
  • Eliminate reports and graphs for odd team not playing
  • Classify players at start of new season

  • 9/00 32 bit version of 00.91

  • 11/00 Fix problem with saving of category names
  • Add Averages report
  • Add Treasurers report
  • Add dollar amount for weekly fee to extra statistic setup
  • Add entry of actual date played to data entry form
  • Modify standing sheet and weekly reports to use actual date played

  • 11/00 32 bit version of 00.B1

  • 4/01 Allow separate point values for teams and players with match point leagues

  • 32 bit version of 01.41

  • 10/01 Fixed problem with reading special awards file if commas in names
  • Added options for less officers on league
  • Assured that players are fully classified with New League option
  • Added option on whether to credit player match points to team

  • 32 bit version of 01.A1

  • Fixed a date problem with 16 bit version
  • Last 16 bit version for Windows 3.1

  • 32 bit version of 01.A4

  • Implemented Polar Zip software for backups with long file name support
  • Improved licensing procedure
  • Updated Help File to include additional information previously in text files

  • Improved registration procedure for short user names

  • Implement modifications recommended by Microsoft to resolve problems some users experienced with GRAPH32.OCX

  • First version of the League Assistant
  • Eliminate patches to config file added to support older versions
  • Modify dialog boxes to make room for different terms and languages
  • Add in sports specific language and variables
  • Optimize speed of registration procedure
  • Modify storage for scores from Byte to Long Integer
  • Add in routines for score precision (decimals and rounding)
  • Modify reports for term, language & precision changes
  • Add in new sport terms
  • Add tabbed control for scoring setup
  • Move Polar Zip announcements to help file
  • Eliminate extra blank report pages
  • Tune up report formatting

  • Fix minor problem with combo box and spin buttons on sports form
  • Fix minor problem if printer not setup on computer

  • Fix problem with decimal digits on weekly fees

  • Fix problem with setting initial class range for classifications when it is not the same as ten pin bowling.

    02.A2 -- The following issues were addressed.
  • When option to use percentage or fixed amount for absentee score was toggled the associated text on the scoring options dialog box was not immediately adjusted.
  • The match points for bowlers could easily be changed with the scoring options dialog box but it would reset to the default the next time the dialog box was displayed.
  • A user requested that the actual dates for league competition be printed on the schedule report if the dates were available.
  • The order form button on the registration dialog box was not working reliably for all users.
  • The statistics editor was not allowing fractional results to be entered for wins and losses.
  • A user noted that the handicap listed on the report of the results to date for players was the handicap used for each week and not the handicap that corresponded to the average listed on the same report.
  • The information on some report headers was being cutoff on some users' systems.

  • Fix problem with entering schedules when the user starts using the program at mid season

  • Fix problem with entering scores if there are more than 4 teams

  • Fix problem two minor problems with report on bowler results to date
  • Error occurred if bowler was absent the first week of bowling
  • Rounding error with computed handicap -- would sometimes have two handicaps for same bowler off by one pin

  • Lineup changes made on the data entry sheet are maintained even if scores for the week are not entered. This makes it easier for the user to print out accurate recap data entry sheets.
  • Extra blank lines can now be easily added to the recap data entry sheets
  • User can navigate to the screen for print out of the data entry recap sheets from either the Edit or the Report menus
  • Add capability to print out completed recap sheets for completed weeks. The user can navigate to the screen to print out these completed recap sheets from either the Edit or the Report menus.
  • Weekly results entered for all weeks maintained even if a backup is restored. This allows user to easily make a correction to past results and quickly recalculate results for all intervening weeks. Also will help  leagues where some teams post bowl.
  • Fixed problem where name of opposing team was inserted twice when exporting raw scores to Excel

  • Capitalized all abbreviations extra statistics
  • Prevented zero from being entered as a weekly fee amount
  • Fixed a minor problem in version 04.A2 with inability to print the schedule until scores were entered for the first week
  • Added references in documentation to USBC in place of ABC or WIBC

  • Fixed problem with swapping of names of future players stored in file when players are swapped

  • Fixed problem with recap sheets not printing properly with past results. Current schedule was used instead of schedule that was in place with the past results.
  • Upgraded from WinHelp to HTMLHelp for Vista compatibility

  • Conversion from Visual Basic to FireFly / PowerBasic
  • Improved data entry of weekly scores with more user friendly grid
  • Improved user interface for reports with ability to see full reports on screen, quick redirect to printer or text file, easy copy to clipboard
  • Improved printing performance with any Windows printer
  • Improved user interface for graphs. Better graphics.
  • Improved performance with Vista
  • Improved run ability on Mac and Linux systems
  • Smaller download size

  • Fixed problem with standing list on Main Page with more than 32 teams
  • Grid control included in 09.52 was not correct and failed when more than 24 teams selected
  • Fixed problem with display of extra statistic description with Raw Score Editor

  • Trying to enter results without first entering a schedule caused problems -- fixed
  • Minor issue with initial edit cell when grid loaded for schedule -- fixed
  • New version of grid has better calculation of row height -- implemented but still not ideal
  • Included minimize/maximize on main program window

  • Fixed problem with backup program registration on some Vista systems during installation

  • Startup shareware announcement button for ordering had address ending in htm instead of html - fixed
  • Corrected problem with display summary section on Team setup dialog box on some systems
  • Allow value of zero for absentee score or percent
  • Allow either value or percent for win forfeit score
  • Allow value of zero for win forfeit score or percent
  • Fix problem with display of grid header text for customized awards on some systems
  • Improve functionality for display of high point options
  • Begin programming to add Peterson Bonus Points (implementation expected in next version)

  • First implementation of Peterson Bonus Point system
  • Added notification to user if "Save As" selection on the File menu will not save files properly due to Windows folder virtualization
  • Added breaking onto separate pages for classes in the Rankings report

  • Corrected League Options Report which incorrectly reported match points when match points not used
  • Fixed WinForfeit spin up/down which was not working correctly with new option for percentage
  • Improved the automatic resetting of defaults when scoring options change
  • Added feature to allow user to adjust the number of decimal digits on selected reports

  • Corrected problem with default scoring with certain data sets
  • Corrected problem with characters being dropped from right side of Statistical Summary with new decimal digit feature in prior version
  • Corrected spin control problem with raw score editor

  • Improved Recap Form and Results Form printing to allow for printing of two forms on one page. Options included to customize print formatting and ability to print forms for opposing teams on the same page.

  • Improved error messages to aid users with tracking errors with their data or computer system
  • Set "1" as a minimum value for an entering average and the games before the average is recalculated
  • First use of FireFly Version 3 for program development
  • Fixed a minor issue with the team count and saving of data when older recap sheets were recalled
  • Added a system for defining and reporting on team prize (award) money

  • Fix problem with Sub and Roving Sub combo lists in data entry form being truncated when the lists were large

  • Modified team selection combo for weekly results form so that data is loaded if combo is closed, loses focus, selected value changes, etc. This also allows quick entry of older results from restored backup by simply scrolling through the combo.
  • Modified start up of weekly results form so that first team in combo is always presented first.
  • Changed data file name extensions to avoid problems with some Windows applications that mistook the data file for an executable file
  • Minor change in restoring backups to assure accuracy of handicaps

  • Added option to not reset averages at the split
  • Added capability to log program execution to a file. The log will aid in identifying a routine that results in a crash on a user's system.
  • Modified the automatic sizing of spreadsheets used in the program
  • Minor improvements made to file operations to enhance performance
  • Minor improvements made for the screen used to enter weekly scores

  • Fixed problem of truncating lists that was fixed in 10.14 but resurfaced with new version of Firefly
  • Modified the spreadsheet program for data entry to eliminate program crashing on systems with low memory
  • Fixed problem with program crashing with some aspects of schedule entry
  • Added error message if file with reference schedule is missing from a system
  • Added option to print weekly data entry scoring sheets in either monochrome or color
  • Enhanced the program trace log to include information on the user's system

  • Fixed a minor issue where a change in the line up on the data entry screen for weekly scores was not maintained unless scores were entered.
  • Added help menu selection for Frequently Asked Questions
  • Modified the opening screen for registered users.

  • Fixed problem where modified line up reverted back to default line up when user prints data entry sheets.

  • Fixed a problem where the recap sheets for older weeks displayed the scores correctly but used the current handicap and not the handicap for that week.

  • Simplify new league start up by automating player type assignment for first week data entry
  • Reload current screen if new sport information is loaded
  • Make error messages to the user easier to understand
  • Adjust labels in stat editor for longer sport variable names
  • Modified the error message given if the reference schedules file is not found
  • Fixed labels for the export menu to adjust for sport variable names
  • Improved the tabbing functionality in the data entry grid for weekly results

  • Allow offset for absentee scores to be set to zero.
  • Add program update check menu option to the Help menu.
  • Program will retry making a backup several times if system problems are encountered during the backup process. User will be informed if a backup cannot be made after the retries.
  • Improved sizing of the grid of standings displayed on the main program page.
  • Updated the support phone number in the program.
  • Added a customizable standing sheet report. Selected customization options are retained to make it easy to run the custom report repeatedly.
  • Modified the report screen so that the on screen report window can be resized for larger displays
  • Updated instructions for running the program on Mac or Linux systems.

  • Fixed a problem where an upgrade to the spreadsheet component caused a problem with the drop down list boxes in the weekly data entry sheet for the player type and the player name.

  • Fixed a problem where an upgrade to the spreadsheet component caused a shift in the schedule when the weekly results were entered.

  • Improved the season to date reports for both teams and bowlers. Users with multiple sessions can now select which summary statistics to print on the report.
  • Statistical Rankings listed all averages as integers. The report was modified so that values can be displayed with decimal digits.
  • Modified the Special Awards report to give the user the option to consolidate the awards for a bowler together instead of being spread out over the report.
  • Improved the New League selection on the Setup menu to give the user the option of cleaning up the Substitute list when setting up a new league. If the user chooses this option then all subs on the list with a name that starts with "SUBSTITUTE" or includes "VACANCY" are deleted.
  • Modified the data entry screen for setting up new bowlers to allow the label "PHONE" on the screen to be edited by the user to something different like "SANCTION NO.". This allows the user to enter a phone number or any other 12 character code they would like. Modified the Averages and Team Roster reports to use this user specified label.
  • Fixed minor problem with check box for names on the right side of the report defaulting to checked on report definition screen for the summary statistics report.
  • A small number of users are still having problems creating backups on their systems. The issue is unique to their systems but in this version I have improved error handling and reporting. These improvements should eliminate the errors or provide the assistance needed to resolve the issues with specific user computer systems.
  • Fixed performance problem with check box option to exclude extra stats from the Weekly Team and Bowler reports setup screen being hidden by another control.
  • Fixed minor problem where options copied from the league to a new league might be out of range for the new league.

  • Fixed problem with schedule for leagues with more than 8 teams. Schedule for each week had two fives in it.

  • League Setup Spreadsheet: In the prior versions of the League Assistant program the setup of each team, player, and sub was done one team, player, or sub at a time. Starting with this version a custom spreadsheet is used to create and modify all teams, players, and subs. This provides much greater visibility of the whole team setup. Changes are simpler and quicker. Players can be quickly and easily swapped from one team to another or onto the substitute roster. Swapping can also be done within the line up for a team if there is a need to have the players in a certain order within the team.
  • Customized Statistic Reset for Split Seasons: Implemented an option to allow the user to specify which statistics to reset for a split in the season. This specification is used for reset of statistics at every split.
  • Count of Teams: In prior versions of the program when the spreadsheet for entry of weekly results was loaded, the program would sometimes only indicate that the results had been entered for the team currently loaded into the spreadsheet even if the results had actually been entered for other teams. To update the count the user would have to load the data for each team to update the count. The program will now present the user with an accurate count every time the weekly results data entry screen is loaded.
  • New League Files Delete: A Delete function has been added to the File menu which allows the user to easily delete all the data files and backups for any league.
  • Updated Bulletin Editor: The form used to create a customized message or bulletin to be added to the standing sheet report has been improved to make it easier to read and more user friendly.
  • Updated Tooltips: Tooltips on many screens were improved to provide additional help and direction for the user.
  • Improved On Screen Reporting: Modified the on screen report form so that it can be maximized to view more of the report on the screen with less scrolling.
  • Alert to Create League Data Files: Added a message to inform the user that they should create new files for their league instead of modifying the example files that come with the program.
  • Updated Help: Sections of this help file were rewritten and updated. Added instructions for use of new features. Updated the information for how to use the program on Apple Mac and Linux Systems.
  • The Statistics Editor was created years ago but improvements to the program over the years are such that this editor, although functional, is not really needed. However, there are some users who have requested it, so it is maintained as a module in the program. Over the years a few bugs have developed in the editor. These have been fixed with this version.
  • Minor problem corrected where the session number for the next session in a split season was stored in the backup file just prior to the split.

  • No major improvements in this version. A couple of minor internal improvements were made to the operation of the program.
  • The recommended file name created when using the Save As function or copying the league files to a new league, created a non-fatal error. This problem was eliminated with this version.

  • Brackets: Added integrated brackets to the program with many options for customization. A synopsis of the main features included are:
    => Max of 500 brackets per league each season
    => Brackets can be setup for Teams or for Players
    => Mininum of 3 seeds to max of teams or players for each bracket
    => Automatic, random, or manual seeding
    => Bracket can be started any week during the season
    => Bracket stat can be scratch game, handicap game, scratch series or handicap series
    => Prize awarded to bracket winner
    => Both Single and Double elimination brackets supported
    => Automatic handling of odd numbers of participants
    => Flexible options for handling of ties
    => Summary and detail reports
  • No issues within the main league management program were reported or found. Only changes made were the addition of the brackets.

  • Modified the programming of the weekly data entry of results so that if a Vacancy is selected as the player name, the type of player is automatically set to a Vacancy. Also if player is changed from a Vacancy back to a Regular player, the type of player is automatically set to Regular. In prior versions these changes had to be done manually.
  • Program now checks all names for a duplicate when setting up teams, players, and subs. All names must be unique. Duplicates are not allowed. This has always been a requirement but now the program does the checking for you.
  • All subs can now be dropped when the current league setup is copied to a new league (Setup menu; New Season). The prior version only allowed substitutes with the name Vacancy or Substitute to be dropped.
  • Fixed a potential variable name problem in the new Brackets module. No problems had been encountered by the author or the users but a change was made because there was a definite potential problem.
  • The automatic fill in of Vacancy scores when setting up teams was modified to make sure that these scores are always correct. Prior version did the automatic fill in but in certain cases the automatic fill in could be missed.
  • The on screen report form was modified so that the Print button now reads Print for the printer, View for on screen viewing, and File for sending the report to a file. Prior versions always had Print on this button. This change was made to make it clear to the user what will happen when the button is clicked.
  • System crashes on some computers when long reports were directed to the printer from the on screen report window. Only a few users reported this issue but this change was made to eliminate the problem for all users.
  • Incomplete clearing of the Special Awards file when the current league setup is copied to a new league. There is no need to carry over the awards from an old league to a new league, so the file is now automatically reset for the new league.

  • Added an alert to let the user know that the starting average value specified when a player is entered on a team has no meaning if the user has specified that the program should calculate the starting average after the minimum number of games has been completed. In this case, any starting average entered will be replaced with the calculated value.
  • Added information regarding the Win Forfeit scores to the help file to help the user in deciding how to use it.
  • Corrected a bug that was created with version 15.22 of the program. Introduced in that version was a new feature to allow the user to specify which statistics are reset at a season split. If the user specified that the games won and lost be reset, only the games won was being reset.

  • Add Apple Mac install instructions to the help file and the FAQ list.
  • Increased use of the program on Apple Mac's prompted a review of the priority of windows displayed by the program. Changes were made to eliminate the possibility of a window that a user needs to respond to being hidden by another window.
  • A system close menu was added to all forms. If the form has a "Cancel" button, then the Cancel action will be the action taken when the system close button on the form is clicked. Otherwise the action taken will be the same as that taken with the "OK" button is clicked.
  • Added a notice that "TBD" entries in the competition schedule need to be replaced with the actual schedule or designation of the week with the "TBD" entry as a position week.
  • Added a reminder to the program start up form to press function key "F1" at any time to bring up help.
  • Problem with the Data Entry screen for weekly results becoming locked for data entry after the "Forfeit" box was checked was eliminated.

  • Assure that the player type for each participant on a team is set to "Forfeit" if the team forfeits.
  • Category names which are normally Male and Female can be replaced with user selections such as Youth and Adult but the category name is limited to 6 characters. Add a popup message to let the user know about the 6 character limitation and truncate any category names to the first six characters entered.
  • Changed the limits on the recalc value for the team setup spreadsheet to allow for larger values. The calculation of the average and handicap for any player can be eliminated for the season by simply entering a recalc value which is more than the number of games for the season. For example, if there are 30 weeks of competition and 3 games per week, then entering a value of 90 (3 X 30) or more means that the average and handicap will never be recalculated and the entering average and handicap will be used for that player for the whole season.
  • Modify the help file to inform that user that if they do not want to use the phone number column in the team setup spreadsheet, a blank value is not allowed but they can simply enter a dash "-" or a period ".". 
  • Add a link the the tutorial in the help file to the Help menu.
  • Problem with team handicap not being set correctly in some forfeit situations