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File Menu - Save & Save As
Save: This is the third selection on the File menu. It can be selected from the menu or by using the Ctrl-S hot key combination. Use it to save the data currently in memory to permanent storage on the disk any time. You will not normally have to make this selection since the data will automatically be saved for you each time you exit the program or load new data files.

Save As: This is the fourth selection on the File menu. When you select it, you will be presented with a dialog box to specify where you want to save the files and what you want to name them. This is a way to make a backup of the current data.  For example if you want to make a copy of the current data on a floppy drive (or an external drive such as a Flash drive) use this menu selection to specify the floppy or other drive and the name of the files to be saved. You will only be able to save the data for your league on a floppy drive if you have a small league. After the data has been saved, re-open the files on the hard drive and continue working with your league data. You will now have a backup copy of the data files on the floppy drive. Although this is a way to create a backup, it is not the preferred method. You might want to use this method to create a backup if you want to have a backup that is not on the hard drive. This is also a way of transferring the files from your desktop system to a diskette or flash drive so you can enter information with your laptop.