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Installation Instructions


WINDOWS Operating Systems

STEP 1 -- Downloading the Installation File
In the download section of the website you will find the download link for the current version of the program. The version is clearly labeled and has underlined text that says "Click here to download installation file". Click on this underlined text to start the download process.

Depending on how your internet browser and computer are setup one or more dialog boxes may pop up asking you about where you want to store the downloaded file on your computer. If these dialog boxes do appear, click on the "OK" button on each one to proceed with the download process. If you know how to select a folder to save the file in, please do so and make note of which folder the download file is being saved into. As the download is proceeding you will see a dialog box on your computer informing you of the download progress (what you see will depend on which internet browser you are using). When the download is successfully completed Windows should give you a message informing you that the download was successful. Click on the "OK" button on the message to clear it.

If you know which folder the downloaded file was saved in on your computer you can skip the following directions to search for the file. Use "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" to locate the downloaded file on your computer and continue with Step 3 below.

STEP 2 -- Locate the Installation File You Downloaded
Right click on the Windows Start Menu and select "Open Windows Explorer". If you don't have a Start Menu with your version of Windows, simply start Windows Explorer as you normally do. With Windows Explorer open on your screen type "C:" without the quotes in the address bar at the top of the screen. Type "LASetup.exe" without the quotes in the search box. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search box to begin the search. When Windows finds the file on your computer, you can continue with Step 3.

STEP 3 -- Install the Program on Your Computer
After you find the LASetup.exe file you downloaded using Window Explorer, simply double click on the file name to run it and install the program on your system. You will need administrator rights to install this program on your system. If you do not have these rights then you will need to log into your computer as an administrator or contact an administrator for your computer to complete the installation.