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Bracket Setup 2


BRACKET STAT: Select "Scratch Game", "Handicap Game", "Scratch Series", or "Handicap Series". This will be the statistic that will be filled in the spreadsheet below. It will be used for automatic seeding and for setting a goal for an player with no opponent if "Beat Stat with Offset" is selected for "Odd Game Handling". This statistic will also be used to determine the results for each match.

FEE: This is the entry fee paid by each participant in the bracket. If the "Bracket Type" is for a team, then this is the amount paid by each team and not by each player. This fee will be multiplied by the number of seeds to determine the prize for the bracket.

PRIZE: This amount is calculated by multiplying the number of seeds by the fee paid by each seed.

BRACKET SEEDING: The choices are:
  • Automatic: The program will sort all the seeds using the selected average bracket statistic. The highest seed will be entered as the "1st Match Seed" for Match 1 of Round 1. The lowest seed will be entered as the "2nd Match Seed" for the last Match of Round 1. Using this seeding results in placement of the highest rated players competing against each other in the lower numbered matches of the bracket and the lowest rated players competing against each other in the higher numbered matches.
  • Random: The program will randomize all the seeds within the first round. If all the players within a bracket are roughly equal in performance, this is probably the fairest way of seeding the first round. If there is a broad range of performance of players within the first round, then the Automatic seeding is likely to be a better choice.
  • Manual: If you would rather do your own seeding, choose this option and move the seeds around as you like. The program will not change your selections for the first round.

    You can seed the round immediately after you have entered all the teams or players in Round 1. If you click on the OK button the program will ask you if you want to seed each bracket which is unseeded before returning to the Main Program screen. If you do not seed the Bracket at this point, you will be given the opportunity to do the seeding before the program starts to process the results through the bracket. The program will not process the results for any bracket which is not seeded.