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Bracket Setup 1

PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to change the setup of any bracket as long as the program has not started or completed the processing of a bracket.

BRACKET: Select the Bracket Number from the drop down list to view and manage the bracket.

STATUS: The status will be one of the following:
  • Not Seeded -- Either all the seeds for round 1 have not been entered or the seeding has not been completed.
  • Not Started -- All the seeds have been entered and the seeding is completed. Ready to start processing.
  • In Progress -- Processing has started. No changes in the setup can be made once the processing has started.
  • Completed -- The bracket processing is done. Nothing further will be done with this bracket.

    QUICK LOAD: Click on this button to quickly enter seeds for round 1 for Teams or Players. The program will ask you how many seeds you want in this bracket. It will then fill Round 1 with team names or player names for each of the entries. This is provided as a convenience to you. If all teams or players are participating in a bracket, this makes bracket setup really fast. If most but not all teams or players are participating then using this button will fill in all the entries but you will have to replace some of the program's entries with the actual entries. After the program has completed the entries, you can seed the bracket using the program's entries or make changes to the selections and then seed the bracket.

    BRACKET TYPE: Select "Team", "Individual (No Subs)", or "Individual (With Subs)". If subs participate, they must compete for the entire length of the bracket. For example, if the bracket will take five weeks to complete, then the sub must substitute for another player during each of the five weeks it takes to complete the bracket. If the sub misses a week, their result will be a zero and the match will be won by their opponent. The player they substitute for can be different each week but they must compete each week.

    USE ABSENTEE SCORE: This check box is only displayed when the Bracket Type is a player. If there is a check mark in this box, the program will use the absent player's absentee score as their result for a round of the bracket.

    SEEDS: This is the number of teams or players positioned in the first round of each bracket. The minimum number is three but the maximum number is either all the teams or all the players. The maximum may also be limited if you are starting a bracket late in the season and the number of rounds required for the bracket will not fit into the weeks remaining in the schedule. If this happens, you either need to forget about starting this bracket or add weeks to the schedule.

    START WEEK: The week that you want the program to begin processing the bracket results. When the bracket is created, this will be set to the next week for which results will be entered. If you want the processing to start later than this, you must change this number.