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Option Menu - Program Trace
Even though the program has been fully tested on various computers with different versions of the MS Windows operating system, a very small percentage of users experience program crashes on their system. These crashes are often the result of specific settings they have implemented for MS Windows or interactions with other programs running on their systems such as anti-virus, pop-up blockers, firewalls, etc. Another source of crashes are systems with insufficient memory. You can run low on memory if you have a large league or you have many other programs or services running at the same time you are running the League Assistant program. Since the program crashes only on their system and not on the program author's systems or that of other users, it is very difficult to diagnose the problem and devise a correction.

This option has been provided to assist technical support in tracing the problem with the program to its source. If there is a check mark next to this item on the menu, then the program will create a file on your system which traces the execution of the program. The name of the file that is created is "LAProgramTrace.txt". If you are having problems with program crashes, technical support will ask you to put a check mark next to this option, run the program until it crashes, and then send the file for technical support. The file will also have information about your system configuration which will assist in determining if you have low memory or other issues which could be causing program crashes.

If you are not having problems with program crashes, you will want to make sure that you clear the check mark before this option menu selection. Tracing the program does slow it down a bit.