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Weekly Results - Print Form or Print Results
Registered Version Only. If you have the registered version of the program, you can print data entry forms on your printer that you can use to record the results at the competition site or completed recap sheets with previously entered results. If you are interested in the completed recap sheets skip to the next paragraph. To print a blank data entry form you would indicate the line up for each team on the spreadsheets without entering any scores. If you are using Team Difference Handicapping, you will want to use the Opponent Button after you have the line up set for each team to calculate the correct handicaps. When you have the line up and handicaps the way it will be at the competition site, you can click on the Print Form button to print a blank form. After clicking on the Print Form button a dialog box will appear where you can select options for the printed form.

This function to print the form you see on the screen to your printer uses the Windows print screen technology to copy the displayed form to the Windows clipboard and then print this image to your printer. The results you get will depend on both the resolution of your display screen and the capabilities of your printer. You may have to experiment with the settings for your printer to get the best results for your system. A higher resolution screen display will give better results. Also if you are using a separate program to capture and print images on your display, this function may or may not work well with your program. If you have such a program, this function will work if you set it up so that pressing the Print Screen button (PrtSc) button on your keyboard takes a picture of your current window and copies it to the Windows clipboard. This should be easy to do since most of these programs, such as Greenshot, allow you to easily set them up to do this, but if you cannot figure out how to make this work on your system, please request technical support.

All Teams: The check box to print a form for all the teams is checked by default. If all the teams are selected and two forms are printed on each page, then the two forms on the page will be the teams who are competing against each other. If you uncheck this box you can select the teams you want to print a form for in the list box below the check box. By holding down the Ctrl key or the Shift key while you click on the team names, you can select each team to print a form for.

Printer Setup: The default printer will be used. If you want to select a different printer or you want to change printer options, click on this button.

Orientation: The default is to print each form using Landscape orientation. Click on your choice of Landscape or Portrait.

Forms Per Page: You can select one or two forms to print on each page. If two forms are selected and you will print a form for all the teams, then the two forms on each page will be the teams who are competing against each other.

Adjust to Fit: By default the size of the forms will be adjusted to fit the available space on the page. Both vertical and horizontal adjustments can be made. When you print these forms for the first time with your printer, you may want to try printing a test page to decide on page orientation and size adjustment.

Blank Lines: The number of blank lines to add to the form. The default is zero but you can add as many blank lines as the normal number of players on a team. You can then use the blank line to write in information during league competition such as the name of a substitute.

Color Print: The default is to print these sheets in monochrome (black & white). If you want to print the sheets in color on your color printer, then put a check mark on this item. The sheets will be printed in color only if you have a color printer with the correct printer driver installed. The program uses your printer driver to make the color changes. If this is not working for you, you may want to upgrade your printer driver.

The Print Form button will only be active if you have the registered version of the program

If you use the combo box in the upper right corner where it says "Results for week __ of __", you can change the week number from the current week to any week in the past. If you select a week for which results have already been entered the Print Form button will change to Print Results. You can then use this screen to view a recap of any previously entered results and you can use the Print Results button to print out a completed recap sheet for any team. After clicking the Print Results button a window will popup so you can specify which forms to print and how you want them printed (See above for a description of the choices). A recap results report will be printed with a report for each team. 

The Print Results button will only be active if you have the registered version of the program.