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Program Description

This program has been continually refined and improved based on user feedback. Your ideas and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

The League Assistant is a versatile, easy to operate sports league record keeping program. It works well with all types of sports leagues including ten pin bowling, duck pin bowling, candle pin bowling, five pin bowling and other sports. Although originally designed for bowling it can now be customized for many other sports leagues where teams compete on a periodic basis. With this program you can eliminate the hours spent each week manually updating your league records. To maintain accurate and detailed records you simply spend a few minutes each week entering the scores.  As soon as the scores are entered the program takes care of all the record keeping details.  In addition to a comprehensive weekly standing sheet a variety of detailed reports and graphs can be printed at any time.

This program will work with any version of Microsoft Windows running on PC compatible computers. It is shareware. It is an upgrade of all prior versions for PC compatible's. Data files created with the DOS  version of this program cannot be used with this upgrade. If you used a prior version of this program, your current data files may not be compatible with this version. If possible, the program will convert data you entered into a prior version of the program into the format needed for a new version. It is recommended that you save a backup copy of your current data files before you try a new version of the program. Data converted for use by a new version may no longer be compatible with the older version.